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Navigating the aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming. Our dedicated auto accident attorney services offer you a guiding hand through the complexities of legal proceedings and insurance claims.

Car Accidents Are More Common Than You Realize

An automobile accident happens every 5 seconds in the United States (OSHA).  This means that the chances of you being in an accident at some point in your life is highly likely.

In 2019, there were 1406 automobile accidents here in Twin Falls County (Idaho Transportation Department).  Of those accidents, there were 668 people injured and 7 fatalities.

Being in an accident does not necessarily mean that you were responsible for the accident.  If you need help with your insurance claims or want to seek damages…then I am here to help you.

Insurance Won’t Always Work With You

1. Offer a settlement that does not begin to cover all of your expenses.

2. They may try to deny your claim for an invalid reason.

3. While filing your claim, they may delay the process.

4. They may also continue to ask for the same information again and again.

5.They overwhelm you with unnecessary paperwork.

The Damage Is Quite Expensive

  1. An accident involving fatalities — $1,410,000
  2. An accident that caused serious injuries resulting in a disability — $78,900 (does not cover the cost of living with a long-term or short-term disability)
  3. An accident that does not result in disabling injuries or property damages — $8,900

If you need help deciphering the information you receive from the insurance companies and/or figuring out what your rights are; give me a call.  Let me help you overcome these challenges.

Don’t let your pain and losses go uncompensated—reach out to us today for expert legal guidance and representation to secure the justice and compensation you deserve.


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